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Application Process

Initial counseling from front desk:

Our clients are required to fill the form with complete information and should submit at our front desk. Front desk will provide all information regarding the college/ universities our company represents. Students will be informed to bring the required documents for the first steep according to the Universities policy.

Counseling from Counselor:

Only eligible students will be provided this counseling service from our counselor at our counselor office. It is must to produce the original documents for complete counseling at this stage. Clients will be provided all the information of admission procedure, fee structure, course details, intake details and pre-requisites for interested programs. In this stage students will get the information about refund policy of the college/ universities and visa information about the different countries.

Final counseling:            

Clients are required to submit all the required documents along with the application form filled and duly signed by them in this stage. Our office may charge some fees in this stage. Our company cannot guaranty the admission in all the colleges and universities we represent. Students are required to fill our agreement form and should be responsible if any fraud documents are submitted at our office. Our some universities and colleges may take interview with the clients or with their parents. In some cases our company may make an enquiry about the sponsor/ parents/ guardians.

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